Health Rides Registration

Horsham District Sports Development (HDSD) takes your privacy seriously. We will only use the information above for the safety of participants and to administer a booking. We may contact you for the purposes of processing payment and in the event of an emergency or cancellation. For further details on Horsham District Council's privacy policy, please see the policy here.
Terms and Conditions

RIDES - We reserve the right to change or cancel a ride without notice due to weather conditions or Force Majeure.

HELMETS - The wearing of a helmet is recommended. If you opt (see below) not to wear a helmet Horsham District Council and its volunteers accept no responsibility for any injuries that may result from not wearing a helmet.

BIKE - You should bring a bike that is in good working order. Ride leaders have the right to refuse participation for a rider whose bike is not deemed in satisfactory condition to complete the ride safely. If you do not have a bike or one that is in good working order contact / 07764 146338 and we will do our best to provide one for you. Ride leaders are not required to implement any repairs that may be necessary at the start or during a ride, however some, in good faith, may feel confident to administer basic repairs if the participant consents to such help (see below). Where basic repair help is given Horsham District Council and its volunteers accept no responsibility for any bike failure or accidents/injuries that may subsequently occur.

POSSESSIONS - Horsham District Council and its volunteers accept no responsibility for any damage to or loss of participants' possessions during rides. We recommend you do not bring anything that is not necessary for completing the ride, of high value or any significant amount of money.

CLOTHING - We recommend clothing that is appropriate to the prevailing and short range forecast weather conditions. Footwear should be fully covered and secure (eg no sandals).

BEHAVIOUR - We require riders to follow leaders' instructions that will be provided to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the whole group of participants and leaders. We expect general behaviour to be of a reasonable nature and expect cycle leaders to be treated with respect at all times. Any manoeuvres that a participant executes whilst riding is his/her own responsibility; leaders are there to direct and guide only. Anyone consistently disregarding instructions, behaving unreasonably or executing manoeuvres considered dangerous will not be allowed to participate in future rides.

SAFETY - You must be considerate to other users of bridleways, tracks and byways when riding off-road. Upon seeing other users, such as horse riders, walkers, dogs, farm traffic, and other cyclists, etc. you are required to slow down and pass with care. Where appropriate, you should stop and wait at the side for other users such as horse riders to pass safely. When riding on public roads you must obey all Highway Code rules and are requested to ride in single file where appropriate or no more than two abreast at any time.

RISK - participation in the ride is at your own risk. It is your responsibility to make a decision regarding when to cross a road or whether to ride a section or not and to make a decision to proceed on bike, foot or not at all.
Consent Options
I choose to not wear a helmet on some or all rides I participate in
I consent to a ride leader administering basic repairs to my bike if a situation occurs in which they are required. Note that this consent does not guarantee help will be provided as the preparedness to help in this regard is at the discretion of the particular ride leaders involved
By clicking the submit button I agree to and accept the terms and conditions