Horsham District Food and Drink Festival

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Horsham District Food and Drink Festival

Saturday 31 August to Sunday 29 September 2019

Organised by Horsham District Council to promote locally produced food & drink across the Horsham District.
Use Of The Form
Please ensure you satisfy the entry criteria and are eligible to participate in the Festival. TAKE YOUR TIME AND THINK ABOUT WHAT IS SPECIAL OR UNIQUE TO YOUR BUSINESS. For help or advice just call 01403 215264.

The space for each business entry and special offer in the programme is limited to roughly 100 words. We allow extra wordage for your contact details and opening times. The Festival Organisers reserve the right to edit entries exceeding the 100 word limit.
Entry Criteria
  • You must be located in the Horsham District.
  • You must be growing, producing, rearing or using local food or drink as 'ingredients' in food preparation.
  • You must make a genuine and attractive Festival special offer not normally available to customers
  • Or organise a special event, which will focus on local produce and take place during the Festival’s 4 weeks.