Local Land Charges Search Request Form

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Use Of The Form
Please use this form to request and pay for local land charges searches.
This form covers all search requests. Please provide full details, description of the property to be searched against and a plan showing precise boundaries in RED. In each section indicate the search type you require and show the fee required. Enter the total fee on the last page. Email Official Search and Personal Search requests to landcharges@horsham.gov.uk
This form can only be used if paying online by Debit/Credit Card.
Your details will be processed through our secure payment systems.
What we will do with your information:
We will only use the personal details you provide in order to deliver the service that you have requested or to contact you by letter, telephone or email in relation to the service that you have requested.
We will not send you emails about other Council services unless you have requested them elsewhere, or share this information with any other organisations unless required to do so in order to provide the service or as permitted by law.
Further information about how we handle your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.